Frequently Asked Questions - Eyebrows Dubai

Is it painful? Topical anaesthetics are used to minimise any discomfort during the procedures. There is usually some minor discomfort, although tolerance levels vary between people, but most find the procedures only mildly uncomfortable.

Is it safe? All necessary precautions are taken to ensure a sterile and hygienic environment. All equipment is maintained for good operation and disposable, use-once, implements are used in key areas of the treatment to prevent any infection.

Do I have a choice of colours? Yes. Your input is essential to achieving your desired results. Your preferred colours are taken into consideration as well as your skin and hair colours. There are more than 300 pigments available to complement more than 80 skin tones and combinations.

How long does it last? Your semi-permanent make-up will soften and fade slightly over time due to skin exfoliation, both natural and induced by some beauty products, and exposure to UV rays from the Sun or from tanning beds.

Sun exposure is the major cause of pigmentation fading. Certain medications may also cause fading. For these reasons, your semi-permanent make-up will normally need retouching within 4 years, although the cost of retouching is usually around half that of initial application.

I'm allergic to traditional make-ups. Will I have an allergic reaction to semi-permanent make-up? The pigments used in semi-permanent make-up are much more inert than many used in traditional cosmetics, resulting in a very low rate of allergic reaction among clients, even when he or she might otherwise have allergic reactions to normal make-up. As an additional precaution, allergic reaction tests are always performed before any procedures are carried out. This is why several consultations are required over a course of 1 to 2 weeks.

How is semi-permanent make-up different from a tattoo? Because of the nature of semi-permanent make-up and its uses, different pigments are used in the process which are not only more inert, but will not go blotchy overtime like some tattoos. The equipment used is also of a finer grade and quality for working in sensitive areas such as around the eyes and lips.