Semi-Permanent Makeup
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Are you allergic to most cosmetics, have difficulty in applying you own makeup, suffer from hair loss due to an adverse reaction to medications or genetics or simply don’t have the time to bother with applying makeup? Semi permanent makeup is the solution to you not having to worry about all that along with getting your makeup smudged and getting yourself in to a fix. Enjoy our solution to all your makeup problems and try our semi permanent makeup solution at Eyebrows Dubai for superior results anytime and anywhere.  

Do what you want to do without wasting time, money and effort on makeup that lasts for just a day or less with Semi permanent makeup in Dubai; a treatment that lasts up to a maximum of 3 whole years depending on your skin type and is performed by expert professionals by depositing mineral-based pigmentation in to the primary layer of the skin using a specialized technique approved by medical personnel.

The procedure is initiated with a confidential and detailed consultation that will establish whether your skin is suited for the treatment in order to avoid any allergic or adverse reactions. We then aim to consider your individual needs and provide you with a detailed analysis along with the best treatment option suited for you. We assure the quality of your semi permanent makeup procedures and provide all our clients with a quick and reliable fix to their eyebrows, lips, upper eye lid, bottom eye lid and even skin in order to do away with any unsatisfactory pigmentation that you might want to camouflage, giving you that all natural yet glowing look that every heart desires.

Semi permanent makeup in Dubai is a most sought after procedure not only because it takes very little time but also because it is cost-effective and most importantly not painful. All procedures are performed after the use of a numbing cream which ensures that the procedure will at most be irritating as opposed to being excruciating. You don’t need to go through any pain to gain with semi permanent makeup in Dubai and we keep it that way by taking specialized care of all our patients and getting to know their personal preferences and problem areas before the procedure.

The beauty of opting for our semi permanent makeup procedure is that it only requires being touched up once it fades away and fortunately this fading process takes well over 6 months to one year and this too is mainly due to exposure in the sun. Preserve your makeup and prolong its effects by taking care to wear sun block if ever you are required to be outdoors for a prolonged period of time and truly enjoy the benefits of looking and feeling amazing around the clock. Look fresh and look your best with our semi permanent makeup procedure at Eyebrows Dubai, where you are guaranteed to receive much more than you bargained for and be truly amazed at the results.