What are the Treatments - Michele Soudi, Eyebrows Dubai
Michele Soudi - Before and After images of Treatments

Eyebrows: Brows have never been more of a facial focus than they are now. Beauty magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan rarely pass up an opportunity to give advice on great brows. For those of us who plucked our brows into oblivion, have naturally sparse and pale brows, suffer from alopecia or even cancer, this advice is useless. Eyebrows frame the face, giving expression, warmth and depth, and without them, women can feel uncomfortable about their looks.

Lips: We can't all be blessed with full and sensual lips! But with any shape lips, as we get older, the natural skin pigments fade, and can draw colour out of the face. But, it is possible, thanks to Semi-permanent make-up to change the shape and shade of your mouth. As well as boosting the lip area, these treatments can correct any shape or symmetry concerns as well.

Eyes: Who hasn't struggled to get eyeliner looking catwalk model perfect? Applying your own eyeliner is extremely difficult, but when eyes have been beautifully lined or kohled, they can look amazing. Semi-permanent make-up means a complete end to wobbles, smudges and smearing!

Additional uses of semi-permanent make-up: Micro-pigmentation not only means attractive lips, perfect eyeliner or eyebrows, it also includes many other applications such as hair replacement, camouflage scar tissue, re-pigmentation of vitiligo and alopecia.

Michele's technique has been especially effective in helping disguise conditions such as alopecia (bald spots) in both men and women, helping them to feel more confident and happy about their appearance.